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Too Thrilling for Instagram/TikTok

It's hardly the first time I've taken inspiration from my friend, mentor, and drill sergeant Max Butler. On his blog (, he recounts in magnificent prose the wild and rewarding roller coaster of Hammond organ restoration. I'm hardly a poet like him, but I figured it would be an exercise worthy of posterity. For my first blog, I'm hosting a video that was originally planned to hit IG Reels and TikTok like every other piece of content I make. This one, however, was unique in that both platforms wouldn't publish it due to copyright. The drums and vocals are original in this track, but everything else was mocked up by yours truly. I must have dialed in the synths so close to the original track that it sufficiently matched the copyright reference track. Oops. Hard lesson learned. This honestly shocked me, since the Minimoog and Juno-106 duo I used are quite different from the original track's ARP 2600 and Jupiter-8 pairing. Regardless, this cover was marvelously groovy and silly and I figured it'd be best to have it viewable somewhere, even if it won't bolster my social media engagement. Enjoy.

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