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What do you get when you combine a musician's heart with an engineer's brain? The answer is Rob Maile. Rob is committed to transmitting the joy of music directly from the artist to the listener. This connection drives his passion for the inner workings of music, its history, and the legendary tools used in its greatest recordings.

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Resources. A great recording simply can't exist without without them. Whether it's the right microphone, outboard gear, vocalist, instrument, or engineer, Rob has the know-how and initiative to secure them. Even if he isn't an expert on a particular topic, odds are he can get bring the appropriate experts onboard for your project. 



There's a certain magic that happens in the recording studio that simply cannot be recreated elsewhere. While Rob prides himself on being punctual and prepared, he excels at taking a small idea that arises and building upon it to create something undeniably memorable. Whether these ideas originate from the artist, Rob, or anyone else present in the studio, Rob can imprint the fleeting brilliance of the moment onto a permanent recording.



Rob has never been overly severe, uptight, or frigid. While he is very serious about making a professional recording, Rob firmly believes that the process of making music should always be fun. Whether it's through his easygoing demeanor, his abundance of dad jokes, or his plethora of LA restaurant recommendations, he thrives in an atmosphere of levity and fun.





Rob's Technical History

 Music production is a time-honored art form and few musicians honor that time quite like Rob. Many artists can list their favorite sounds, but only a select few can explain to you in uncompromising detail the tools, methods, and tricks of the trade that crafted each sound. It all began the moment he frist heard the monolithic, swirling chorus of a Hammond Organ paired with a Leslie rotary speaker. From that point forward, Rob became enamored at the intersection between engineering, design, creativity, and musicianship. He dove headfirst into the dizzying world of vacuum tubes, transistors, amplifiers, magnetic tape, and more. When a new piece of music-making gear came into his collection, he would open it up, peering inside to uncover the design and components that made it great. Over the years, he learned to restore, repair, design, build, and even upgrade studio gear to help shape the his clients' signature sounds. Today, Rob continues using these skills to access the recording industry's increasingly elusive collection of vintage equipment.


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